Moving to every other Tuesday night before Geeks Who Drink - Alaska pub quiz at Williwaw -- Grab your friends and have FUN helping raise FUNds for great local nonprofits with a session of Rock 'n' Roll Bingo! 

This week's local nonprofits are prepping to feed children and families for Thanksgiving:

The Children's Lunchbox
Food Bank of Alaska
St. Francis House Food Pantry/Catholic Social Services-Anchorage, AK

Three fun-filled 40 minute sessions of rock and roll bingo benefiting local nonprofits and charitable organizations every Thursday night in the Williwaw Social Hall. Bring your pals, your dauber, and your lucky troll because in addition to raising funds for local nonprofits/charities we've got some killer prizes* from righteous local shops and restaurants you're going to want to win!

Here's how it works: Instead of numbers being called out in a normal game of bingo, we play 15-20 second bursts of songs from the past and present. The numbers on the bingo cards have also been replaced with artists and song names. So with your bingo card in hand and your dauber on standby, listen out for the songs being played and mark them off as you would a normal game of bingo.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PLAY OR TO POTENTIALLY WIN A PRIZE -- there is a SUGGESTED DONATION of $6 to play -- trust us when we say you risk being openly mocked if you show up to play at a charity event with alligator arms! 

100% of donations are shared evenly between three local nonprofit organizations of the week. *There are no cash prizes like you play for at a licensed bingo hall playing regular bingo - this is not real bingo.

21+ only with valid I.D. to play