Thank you to our sponsors LaTouche Pediatrics, LLC, The Alaska Club and Classic Toys!

Alaska's favorite family dance party is celebrating St. Paddy's with a green-themed dance party. Saturday, March 18, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Williwaw. $15 for walking humans, $12.50 per ticket when you buy a family four pack. Adults and children need tickets. Non-walking babies do not.

Yes, St. Paddy's Day is actually on Friday, but we still wanted to party, so we're getting down the day after. We'll be decked out in green with door prizes, goodie bags and - of course- lots of dancing.

I've had a couple questions come up in the comments so I figured I post them for everyone.

Ages: The party is called Baby Loves Disco, but it's not just for babies and not just disco. We recommend the event for children 10 and younger. 

Music: Our DJs, DJ Spencer Lee and DJ Victamone, mix everything from 70s disco to 80s pop, 90s jams and current hits to keep the dance floor popping.

Volume: This is a family event with lots of little ears so the music is loud enough that it feels like a party, but not so loud that it's overwhelming.

Food and drink: Expect green eggs and ham, juice and Cheerio bars. The full bar will be open so non-driving parents can enjoy beers or specialty cocktails like mimosas or Irish coffee.

Prizes: We do lots or prize giveaways and we've got goodie bags for you on your way out the door.