Eva’s Story
Born and raised in Alaska, Eva M. Vischer is both a fiber artist and a painter. She has great passions for working with fibers and paint to create unique and original pieces; all with a focus on exploring texture, blending colors and complementing opposing colors. Her work has been displayed at a variety of local galleries/vendors from Seward to Talkeetna, Alaska.
In 2009, (in recognition of Alaska’s 50th birthday) local jurors selected Eva’s Serving Alaska Since 1959: All Purpose Silver Salmon as an entry for the Wild Salmon on Parade. Of course, the primary element for this piece was silver duct tape. In 2008, jurors selected her whimsical piece A Copper River Red Salmon; the main element for this piece was an adhesive copper vinyl film.
Jurors at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art have also invited Eva to participate in the popular summer Artists Potpourri events.
As a teen Eva enjoyed making wheel thrown pottery. Her interests slowly changed to knitting and then working with fibers to create distinctive notecards and gift tags. She is also an accomplished quilter.
Most recently Eva has developed a desire to paint. She specializes in using acrylic on canvas to paint happy, vibrant and harmonious scenes of Birch Trees.