Feeling a little green? Feeling a lot of green? Come join us for our March Third Saturday benefiting Anchorage Promise! If you’ve been in Anchorage, they run the annual Kids Day. And we’re collecting books for them!  

For this month’s event, we are having two competitions: A Pokemon Go Scavenger Hunt, and the Sunny Cup. The Sunny Cup is a rotating trophy awarded to one team for the month. For March, the team who donates the most kid books takes the Sunny Cup until the next Third Saturday! In this competition, everybody wins! Well, Anchorage’s Team Instinct has been winning since January, can you help unseat that foolishly unselfish team?  

We’re doing giveaways! Just bring yourself and your Pokémon and you just might walk away with a fun door prize. Did we mention we were gonna do some surfing in our AR Gallery on Discord? You might just win a prize for having something cool there! We might even reward your Pokemon Go knowledge. Knowing is half the battle.  

If you don’t know what Pootdazzle is, get ready to shower in it. Williwaw’s own Pootie will be making TEAM HARMONY drinks. Yup, you better be rocking some sort of green. We’re gonna have some pinch police out there, so dress appropriately! (We're not kidding about the Pinch Police)

Level 40s, do you wanna show off your shine? Drop your stats off and see where you rank in our community!

Our theme for this month’s scavenger hunt is…Green Pokemon. Can you catch them all?  

Anchorage’s March Third Saturday Scavenger Hunt!


1. Bring warm clothes! Get bonus points for your team by bringing kid friendly books, up to a maximum of 2 points (one point per book) per teammate

1a. Check-in starts at 3PM until 4PM. You have one hour to hunt, from 4-5PM. From 5-6:30 PM, we will announce winners and give some swag away.  

2. Teams are a minimum of two, maximum of three. If your team consists of two players from different teams, your team receives +1 bonus point. If your team consists of three players, but two of them are from the same team, your team receives +1 bonus point. If your team consists of three players from each team (Instinct, Mystic, Valor), your team receives +3 bonus points. 

2a. Players under 18 are exempt from the team minimum for safety reasons, but can join a team if willing. 

3. All players can play, but can only register ONE phone for scoring purposes. 

4. Go Plus use is permitted, Go-tcha is NOT. No 3rd Party Maps. 

5. All gameplay will be ON FOOT. No vehicles, bikes, skateboards, hover boards, jetpacks, etc. 

6. Be respectful of other trainers! Inappropriate behavior will lead to disqualification. 

7. Trainers who arrive from 0-5 minutes late for check in will have their team penalized 2 points. Every 5 minutes past the that will incur an additional 2 point penalty. 

8. In case of a tie, the team who checks in earliest wins.

9. Have fun and be safe! Respect the traffic signals!