Quiz For A Cause is our philanthropic endeavor to unite geeks with great individuals, charities, and organizations in their community who want to raise funds towards a worthy goal - all while playing a night of pub quiz.

Usually, we are approached by these individuals or causes, and make arrangements for a fundraising night based on their request. But, sometimes, you can't just sit back and wait for someone to ask for support.

Our Geeks Who Drink community has been impacted by suicide. We have lost friends, family members, quizzers, and fellow Quizmasters. The services provided by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Trevor Project are vital- providing support, research and resources for people who need somewhere to turn, and for the people left behind by someone who has taken their own life. This national Quiz For A Cause will benefit these two organizations, with 100% of the money taken in being split between AFSP and Trevor Project.

A donation of $5 cash per person will be requested during these quiz events. You are most definitely NOT required to pay to play. Our pub quiz is typically free to play and remains so even during a Quiz For A Cause. 

If you have $1, contribute a dollar, if you have more and are willing, we will continue to be awed by the generosity of our community of quizzers, as is so often the case. If you are not able to make a quiz event, please consider donating directly to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: https://afsp.org/take-action/give-a-gift/ or, the Trevor Project: https://give.thetrevorproject.org/give/63307/#!/donation/checkout You can also send donations via paypal to payments@geekswhodrink.com, to be included in our official tally.