In a world where themed quizzes only cover one franchise or TV show, one quiz dares to be different. From the company who brought you some other quizzes you liked, it’s “At Least We’ll Have a Host: An Oscars Quiz” coming February 21st!

This is our first trip down the red carpet, so anything and everything Oscars is fair game. Expect questions about the ceremony itself, winners, losers, and the content of the films themselves. Don’t come in expecting 64 questions on who won this or that, you’ll be disappointed. There’s 91 years worth of cinema to study, so good luck.

Admission is $5 per person with the top teams taking home a cash prize. You might feel like the king of the world after winning, but please, no speeches. Your team is limited to 6 total players, and use of your cell phone, or any other aids, is strictly prohibited during the quiz. Cheaters will be disqualified faster than the Academy nominates a Meryl Streep performance.

Registration for this quiz is REQUIRED! Head on over to to register your team.