Join Williwaw Social and Midnight Sun Brewing Company for Anchortown's most horribly entertaining (and free) event: Team Cards Against Humanity in the Social Hall at Williwaw Social!

Hosted by local nightlife luminary Kyle Farrell ,your table competes to impress a cast of characters with your terrible sense of humor. Get the most cards selected by the host to win a Williwaw Social giftcard or other fabulous weekly prizes and bragging rights!


Teams of up to 8 members will receive a stack of white cards (nouns), either from Cards Against Humanity packs, custom packs, Williwaw'’s own collection of heinous cards or from cards submitted to us by our patrons. The host reads a black card aloud. Each player at each table will pick a card from their hand and share it with their team. Each team will then have 60 seconds to choose one card from among all proposed cards to offer to the host.

The host collects each team’s card and reads the black card with each proposed white card aloud (hilarity and a sense of existential doom ensues). The host will select their favorite from among the cards, and the winning table will receive the black card as a point to add to their score.

At the end of the night the table with the most black cards wins!

Featuring Midnight Sun Brewing Company craft beer and handcrafted food!

21+ Only | No Cover Charge | Free to Play