Spring break up is here and Mother Nature is stretching her limbs! Please stop in on Friday May 3rd, 2019 to welcome local Artist Karen Padgett as she shares her playful works of art. Bringing nature indoors and giving your senses some much need color stimulation from the hum drum winter. Her artwork will be up for the entire month of May!

Here is some info. on our First Friday Artist: Karen Padgett

"My husband and I moved to Anchorage in 1998. We love living and raising our two boys here. I started creating beautiful, colorful art when I was 6, learning how to weave. When my youngest son turned 6, I started painting and drawing with him because he didn’t want me to leave him alone at his after-school art classes. Our first classes were with oil pastel then we were introduced to watercolor and eventually acrylics. I was hooked! I have been on fire for painting ever since. I love the feeling of the smooth paint flowing onto the canvas. I love the way the colors combine or contrast with one another. I love creating the illusion of three dimensions on a flat canvas. I love the feeling of completing a painting, being the first to see some creature that has never been seen before. My favorite thing is to then share the paintings with you. Enjoy!"

Vexing Varmints
As spring is finally upon us, our backyard guests return to remind us whose backyard it REALLY is! The chickens cluck, the
squirrels chatter, the magpies scold, and the shrews dart quietly
in their busyness. Boastful in their color, mischievous, and even
vain, these vexing varmints are titled after foods, drinks, and your favorite fictional characters.

To purchase artwork, please speak with a SteamDot/Williwaw staff member to leave your contact information or
simply contact Karen directly at:

Cell/text (907) 350-8533

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