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midnight sun brewing at williwaw social

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – APR 26, 2018 – Anchorage’s oldest brewery – well-reputed for its world class beer, fresh from-scratch fare and friendly knowledgeable service, Midnight Sun Brewing Company partners up in a highly acclaimed food service management agreement with Williwaw Social, the lively community gathering space located in the heart of downtown. Williwaw Social is already a well-known destination for great craft cocktails, local brews, locally-roasted artisanal coffee, a concert venue featuring national and local acts, a speakeasy, and its urban oasis summer rooftop. With the addition of Midnight Sun Brewing Company to its ensemble, Williwaw Social is about to get amplified.

The merging of minds and talents offers benefits to both companies. Midnight Sun will retain its popular and successful brewery and restaurant operations in South Anchorage, gaining a prime second location at the corner of 6th Avenue and F Street, which pin drops a quick walk from the Dena’ina and Egan Convention Centers and across the street from the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts and Town Square.  Midnight Sun completes Williwaw Social’s dynamic hospitality lineup consisting of the Social Hall, SteamDot Coffee Company, Blues Central (the speakeasy), and The Roof and, in doing so, brings it’s much raved about lunch and dinner program to the multifaceted destination.  Working in concert with Williwaw Social’s entertainment and bar management team, Midnight Sun’s management team will bring its well-recognized food service program to Williwaw Social tables while gaining opportunities to spread its passion for sharing its craft beer to the next level.  

With Williwaw Social’s three floor levels comprised of various bars, halls, rooftop dining, and a catering business, Midnight Sun gains another way to spread its sunshine in Anchorage – and beyond. These companies will continue to focus on their strengths while blending and cross-promoting happenings at both locations.  To further ensure that the Midnight Sun magic transfers to Williwaw Social, staff will be invited to work shifts at both independently owned and operated businesses so that knowledge and experience with Midnight Sun’s beer, food and company culture will be reflected in the attention to quality and service that customers can come to expect at Williwaw Social.

Through the efforts of dedicated and experienced concert and special event promotions and bar managers, Williwaw Social astoundingly hosted over 600 events last year and is on track to do the same in 2018. This means Midnight Sun is loading up its plate to increase its brand exposure at this venue that already has an existing similar look and vibe and a deep customer base.

Still in early project stages, Midnight Sun Brewing is putting together a strong, dynamic management team to develop a guest experience that garners first and return visits. Just as established at The Loft at Midnight Sun Brewing Company over the last eight years, the key concepts here are socializing, gathering, sharing, and community. The goal of Midnight Sun at Williwaw Social is to draw us together for all kinds of reasons:  food, drink, entertainment, celebrations, meetings and, yes, even quiet time in a social setting.

The next stages? Midnight Sun Brewing Company, Williwaw Social, and SteamDot Coffee Company will work cohesively to roll out menus, coordinating hours and service for each of the bars and halls. Events will continue as scheduled, of course. Summer is quickly approaching so The Roof at Williwaw Social gets first priority while all other areas develop in tandem. 

For more info: contact Gary Busse at gary@midnightsunbrewing.com or Barb Miller at barb@midnightsunbrewing.com or Susynn Snyder at susynn@williwawsocial.com.